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Muktinath Darshan is the Key ... Opens the door to heaven ! Once in a lifetime.
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Usha Srinivasn

Usha Srinivasn

We had taken a Mukthinath Tour organised by Lumle Holidays. We had started the tour from Khatmandu . we were given a excellent guide Mr. Mahdav. We were given a very homely treatment, excellent accommodation and royal treatment.  The tour was customized for our needs. We never felt we were away ...Read More

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Baraha Chhetra
Baraha Chhetra

Baraha Chhetra

Lord Vishnu, the Preserver of the Universe, has incarnated as Baraha (Boar) in this region and hence it is called Baraha Chhetra. It is one of the four holy places in Nepal. According to Purans, Lord Vishnu came down to earth in the form of a boar and destroyed Hiranyakashyapu, an evil demon, at this very spot. It is on the bank of Saptakoshi. This pilgrimage is accessed through Dharan. Since the site is related to Lord Vishnu it is assumed as sacred as Gaya for Shraddha (offering to ancestors). The pilgrimage is at a confluence of tributaries of river Koshi and hence many pilgrims around Nepal and India come here for a dip at the day of Makar Shankrati. 

The temple of Pindewhor situated at Vijaypur is famous pilgrimage site of the eastern Nepal. The temple, popularly known as Pindewhor baba Dham. There is located holy pond called Sarashwati Sarowar and by the site of this pond there is well, even when the pond gets dried, the wall all above the pond’ s surface is always full of water. This has remained mysterious from ancient time to this age to the religious people.

The increasing number of devotees shows that it is getting popular day by day. On every Monday in the month of Shrawan (Jun-Aug) large number of devotees from different places comes with bare foot to pay homage to Pindeshwor Baba with holy water from Saptakoshi

Situated in the middle of the beautiful hill of Vijaypur, the holy temple of Dantakali is famous among the Hindus as the place where the sacred teeth of the goddess Satidevi lie.
Thousands of devotees come here to worship; mainly fir first nine days of Dashain a great crowds of people can be seen.

Buda Shubba
Situated amidst the tall trees and bamboo groves, the temple of Budasubba is one of the four major temples at Vijaypur. Unlike many other Hindu temples with the images of gods and goddesses, the temple enshrines three tomb-like mounds believed to be the tombs of king Buddhikarna, the last king of the Vijaypur state. The place offers a unique example of religious harmony as the Mongolian especially of the kirantis I worshipped with equal religious fervor by both the indo-Aryans and Kiratis. In addition, many miracles can be witnessed there: bamboos there do not have pointed top and gnat and crows are never seen in the territory and dew drops never fall here.

Trip Facts

Trip Code: MDOPP-06, Duration: 7 days, Program Type: Tour, Minimum Pax: 2, Mode of Travel: Land, Start Trip: Kathmandu, End Trip: Kathmandu,

Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival at Katmandu
Day 02: Katmandu Valley Sightseeing
Day 03: Katmandu to Biratnagar
Day 04: Dharan to Baraha Chhetra - Dharan
Day 05: Pilgrimage sites at Dharan
Day 06: Dharan to Kathmandu/Biratnagar to Kathmandu Fly
Day 07: Departure

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